picture: Screencraft 4K colorgrading


welcome to the TV WERK website


As service provider for all fields of modern media production, TV WERK's individual departments cover all aspects from creative concepts, production and post production to archiving.

They offer a complete 4k post production pipeline that meets all requirements.

Nine modern and fully furnished AVID suites with on-site support reflect our philosophy of short distances. Powerful servers, connected via glass fibre make sure the data is accessible without any delay.

The animation department provides various services like concept and creation of film titles, motion graphics and Blu-ray menus as well as 2D / 3D character design, storyboard and animatic, pre-vis and of course animation for web, TV and cinema.

The VFX department offers rotoscoping, matte painting, retouch in SD/HD/2K and 4K and compositing using modern software packages like Autodesk's “Flame”, “Flare”, “Smoke” and The Foundry's “Nuke” as well as the complete “Adobe Creative Cloud”.

A team of post production supervisors, producers and VFX coordinators guarantee a smooth and on time progress for the individual projects.

With our real time color grading system (Baselight TWO gen. 5) looks are created for all kind of projects, form TV-commercials to international cinema productions.

Furthermore TV Werk offers DCDM, 2K/4K -DCP-Mastering, DVD- and Blu-ray-Authoring, trailer editing, EPK production and creation of all material necessary for international cinema, TV and home entertainment distribution.

Everything under one roof!


Some of our costumers:


Pampers, Ariel, P&G, BMW, AUDI, BRAUN, STO, FROSCH, Rainette, Frankfurt Film, Parka Pictures, Filmbüro Münchner Freiheit, Constantin Film, Constantin Entertainment, Filmfest München, Tarzan, MINI, BR, ZDF, SECURITEL, FWU, Goldene Kamera, Angenehme Unterhaltungs GmbH, Schwarzkopff TV, Danone, Y&R, Hape Kerkeling, Heino, Pro7, Rinecker, Paramount, Disney Channel, Amblimation, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Flughafen München, TLC, Discovery Channel, MAN, Munich Animation, Osram, Opel, VW, Oerag, Nestle, Rauch, Sony, Studio 100, SWM, Voltaren, Fruchtzwerge